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Our Sponsors

A huge thank you to everyone above who have helped us on our way.  Everything from a box of tea bags to a financial gift contribution is greatly appreciated!


Our thanks Go to

Everbody who has ever waved a flag, jumped up and down like a lunatic as we've sped past, sent us photographs, called in to camp to say hello and many many more.

A very special thank you also to the marshalls and event staff who have made the adventures of Team Oscar possible since before day 1. 

Team OSCar Needs YOu!

What are our goals for 2017?

  1. To complete TT 2017 and finish as high as possible and achieve the 101mph lap..
  2. Make as many new fans of Oscar as possible and try to raise finances to race in Chimay Belgium Europe in 2017.
  3. Take on New Zealand in the Tri Series entire month of December 2017 or 2018
  4. Compete in pre TT national meetings and end of season events

How can you help?. Well we are needing to raise finances to be able to do this. And this is where you come in.

Our Race Portfolio and covering letter is available to download.  Please free to contact us if you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you.

Below we have listed some of the items we need to purchase for this to happen. These are part our running costs.
You can see how a small contribution will help the team….

“But what do I get out of it?"  We hear you! We have always maintained the word “Team” of Team Oscar is about the people involved. Helping a small team like us makes you part of our team. The tremendous feeling of knowing that you paid for that back tyre or chain or race entry fee, that helped us take one step further to the dream by keeping us on the track. Why not come to the race paddock enjoy our hospitality and have a chat with the team and cheer us on during a race, experience it first hand rather than just on the television.

Items still to be purchased:  For 2017 Season & TT

TT Leathers for both Passenger and Driver £1,000 each

Helmet for both Passengesr and Driver £600 each 

Daytona Boots for both Passengers and Driver  £280 each

F2 Sidecar Fairing £1500.00

Fuel for each meeting £50.00 except TT £300 ( See Calendar)

Tyres (Slicks ) £750.00

Brake Pads £200.00

Refresh engine £2,500.00

If you can help no matter how big or small, Please contact us now.


We are looking to a company whom wishes to be the primary sponsor to Team Oscar. For the 2017 season we will as part of the package change the Team name to give the company the maximum coverage in the media which they deserve. For example "Team Oscar Racing in conjunction with <your name/organisation here>" at all press and media events.

We would be pleased to entertain your organization as a prospective advertiser at any of the events, so that you can experience for yourself, with no obligations, what involvement would be like as part of a Sidecar Racing Team entails. You may alternatively prefer to meet and discuss issues with me, which I would be only too happy to arrange also.

Advertisers will also receive the following benefits, or we will try to tailor a package that will suit your company needs:

  • A link to your company website
  • Promotion of your company by the team
  • Your company mentioned by the announcer at race circuits
  • Your company name or logo on Outfit/Van/Clothing worn by driver and passenger
  • Welcome to come down any time to enjoy our meagre hospitality
  • Your company name or logo on display to a global audiance

All decals and artwork to be supplied by the advertiser.