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Welcome to Team Oscar Racing

There was never a genius without a tincture of madness (Aristotle)

This is your opportunity to join a unique band of people by getting involved in the team's quest to get to the TT in F2 Sidecar Racing.

Follow our progress from the very first day of racing. We'll be sharing all the highs, lows, achievements and stories from behind the scenes.

It's the most fun that you can have with your clothes on - so come on and join us!


NEWS update March 2018


TT 2018 entry accepted # 36 for the event.

HOWEVER not advertised for a passenger or sponsorship due to not wanting to get anyone's hopes up or let anyone down. Debbie is recovering from chest/ shoulder/arm surgery and will be at least another 6 weeks from recovery. Also after a fall in Jan has sustained a wrist injury which is currently being investigated. 

MEANING the final two signatures for the TT license may just be out of reach..... Only time will tell.

AIM: When recovered and 100 % fully fit to race Team Oscar will be out on track. Oscar needs a set of wet tyres and an engine rebuild but in general is ready to play.

LOOKING forward to seeing loyal friends, and sponsors very soon.


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Please contact me directly.

FOr Sale / REquired

F2 Sidecar IRESON CHASSY, 3 x ZX6R refreshed engines, 6 wheels, many spare parts including fairings, radiators, chains, sprockets.

2017 Team Oscar merchandise will be available from Debbie